Saturday, October 20, 2007

Back to our winning ways in Maynooth

When we traveled to Maynooth it was two weeks since our last victory and so we were anxious to get back to our winning ways. The match was late starting so we had lots of time to practice beforehand. We knew it was going to be a lucky day when john found a perfectly good football which had been lost in the ditch beside the pitch.

Zhudi was our captain for the day, but he was forced to start without his arm band, because match was on for five minutes when his father brought it. This seemed to provide inspiration to Zhudi because about 10 seconds after putting on the arm band he scored a goal.

However Maynooth had no intention of making life easy for us and they leveled the scores a few minutes later. But Demi put us back in the lead a few minutes later with a brilliant shot from the edge of the penalty box. Then Zhudi knocked in two more to give us a commanding 4-1 lead at half time.

Just as we were beginning to be confident Maynooth scored two goals to bring the score back to 4-3. The tension at this stage was too much for the Maynooth linesman to control himself and after one of his outbursts the referee was forced to send him off. I think this is the first time I have seen a linesman sent off in a match.

Castleknock reacted better to the pressure and Demi scored a goal to give us a more comfortable lead. Nado followed up with another goal to put us 6-3 ahead and the result beyond doubt.

The team performed very well overall today and the passing was much improved. However the judges decided that Robert was a deserving winner of the man-of-the-match title for the best overall performance.

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