Saturday, November 17, 2007

Castleknock cruise their way to the second round of the NDSL Cup

Warm ups were the order of the day in Ratoath as the visiting Castleknock team waited for their cup campaign to start. With no referee in sight, we were informed that the referees own cup campaign was in progress as he had disappeared for a quick cup of tea before the match.
So out came the gloves and the wolly hats as a cold breeze blew across the pitch for the hottest cup fixture of the day.

Just as the rain started, Castleknock got the game underway as the and broke into attack looking for an early goal. Castleknock got some early chances as Niamh and Robert challenged the Ratoath defence only to see their efforts cleared or saved by the Ratoath goalkeeper.
Ratoath also had many chances in the first half but a well organised defensive line of Andy, Dylan and Frank gave Castleknock goalkeeper and captain John a quiet game.

After 30 minutes, the game was still in the balance with no goals on the scoreboard.
Niamh had to come off at the half time break to fulfill her shepherd duties at the rehearsals of the upcoming christmas nativity play. Zuhdi took over her position in the front.
Castleknock started the second half with goals in mind and broke into action.
Passing was excellent in the wet conditions and before long, Nado was set free to put Castleknock ahead.. The passes kept coming from midfielders Cathal, David and Demi with Nado there to stretch the lead again and again. By the time he had scored his third goal, Nado was blowing kisses to his freezing fans on the sideline..

Castleknock were unstoppable at this point and kept punishing the Ratoath defence with more shots at goal from Robert and Zuhdi.
Zuhdi managed to make the score 4-0, making sure that Casleknock would be in the next round of the cup..

The rain kept pouring and the pitch was fast becoming a mud bath but this didn't stop man of the match Nado from adding to his goal tally with a fourth goal for him, a fifth goal for his team and a place in the next round of the NDSL cup.

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