Saturday, December 1, 2007

Castleknock miss a chance to take some away points

It was another away match for Castleknock and another missed opportunity to take some points home with them as Woodlawn proved to strong on their home turf.

Castleknock got off to a great start after a few minutes and make a promising break into the Woodlawn half, Omar and Robert kept the ball away from the home defense and delivered the ball to Zuhdi, who made no mistake and put the ball in the back of the Woodlawn net.
It was 1-0 to Castleknock and with only 5 minutes of the match played.
Castleknock continued to pile on the pressure but Woodlawn had learned their lesson and stepped up their defence. Zuhdi had some more great chances and Robert, Demi and Nado create some more opportunities for the greens.
Castleknock's luck changed as Demi came off after suffering a toe injury and Woodlawn managed to get an equaliser shortly before the half time break. This goal was disputed by a strong Castleknock defense who saw the ball crossing the line for a goal kick, only to be taken back in to play and put kicked across the goal line.

Castleknock started off the second half playing into a very strong wind and John was soon put to the test as he had to make some spectacular saves to keep the game level.
Luck was on Casleknock's side as an attack from Nado, Cathal and Zuhdi forced an own goal, putting Castleknock in the lead for the second time.
Woodlawn responded with a quick attack and were soon at level terms again.

With a strong wind behind them and a number of free kicks awarded to them, Woodlawn managed to take the lead.
Despite having a great game, the overworked defensive line of Dylan, Frank and man-of-the-match David were outnumbered by the Woodlawn attack and were unable to stop two more goals for the home side making the final score 5-2.
David had played an excellent game and single handedly cut out some dangerous attacks towards the end of the game, earning him the man-of-the-match title.

A minor setback for Castleknock, no points today.. but a good team performance throughout.

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