Monday, April 21, 2008

Narrow defeat on a stormy day

It was a very windy day when we played host to Woodlawn. Luckily there was no rain, but a biting wind made it very cold and it was clear that the wind was going to be a key factor in the match.

Our bad luck began when our captain John lost the toss and we had to play into the wind in the first half. The game had hardly started when Woodlawn opened the scoring. Shortly afterwards the wind helped a long shot from the half way line swirl around over our goalkeeper David's head. We were now two nil down with only a few minutes of the clock.

However, Castleknock were not willing to give up so easily. We fought back strongly with out man-of-the-match Frank played a great game as an attacking corner back. He cleaned up many loose balls at the back and attacked up the wing to have several good chances.

A good example of how strong the wind was came when the ball went out on the far side of the pitch for a Woodlawn throw in. The Woodlawn player ran to collect the ball for the throw in, but just as he got there the wind caught the ball and brought it further away. When he chased the ball again the same thing happened a second an third time before he finally caught up with the ball in a line of bushes 100m away.

Shortly after half time, Nado managed to slip in a goal to narrow the lead to s a single goal. At this stage, it looked like we might be able to use the wind advantage to turn around the game, but Woodlawn got a goal against the run of play to put the score at 3-1.

At this stage the we seemed to give up and there was a long period with neither said attacking. In the dying minutes, Nado got another gaol, but this was too late for a comeback and the match ended 3-2 victory for Woodlawn and out losing streak continued.

Tough luck to everyone. I hope we can turn our luck around for the final weekend of the season.

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